Monday, June 13, 2011

A Vision of The End

Gaze with me into the mirrors of your Multiversal mind, and see one possible future coming into view...

This is not the world your mythmakers promised you — no Disneyland of techno-prosperity and consumer capitalism for all. No, this world is racked by holy wars and ethnic conflicts, Malthusian catastrophes, refugee invasions, eco-anarchy and Millennial insanity. Do you see it? There, in the frontview mirror? Do you see the chaos approaching in the twilight of this, the darkest of all ages?

The chaos is descending fastest across the lands of God-drunk Islam. Thirsty Yemen is falling to the soldiers of martyred bin Laden; modernity is in on the run in flood-ravaged Pakistan; hungry Egypt marches to the tune of the mystic Muslim Brotherhood. The bombs are dropping everywhere, from Tripoli to Waziristan; the drones martyr ten, but a hundred more take their place. The enemy takes all losses, yet no victory is in sight. And all across the Western world, no one knows why we fight.

The West, for all its weaponry, is a disarmed and defenseless civilization. Bereft of a deeply rooted culture, lacking spiritual strength, absent even the language to comprehend the epochal developments which engulf it, its decadent citizens retreat ever further into their Matrix of distractions.

But one day soon, all of that will shatter. One day soon, like the Roman citizenry of old, they will awake to find that barbarians have overrun their outposts, put their Legionnaires to the sword, broken through their gilded gates and are pillaging their temples.

There is no Iron Curtain this time, falling across Europe from the East. Today a wall of chaos surges up from the South like a fecund beast. The ramparts of Fortress Europa cannot hold it back; the rot of godless centuries has breached your citadels at last. You have no soldiers for the battlements because your cathedrals and hospitals are tombs. Your gods are all dead, and leave you to your doom. You are a spent race, with no fight left in your souls. Mohammedan holy warriors will roll across your lands, raping your women and plundering your treasures like the Saracens of old.

The Final War of this age has already begun, and before the drama is done, every weapon of mass destruction will fly, and millions upon millions must surely die. Cities and civilizations will conflagrate in atomic hellfire; whole races will be decimated by super-virus bio-sorcery; Final Solutions will be executed entirely by machine.

The Samson Option will be activated in Israel, as the walls come tumbling down. The holy places at Mecca and Jerusalem will vaporize, Arabia and Persia will turn to glass. The armies will gather at Armageddon, and all believers will know that Judgment Day has come at last.

Everything combustible will burn. All that has been created shall be destroyed. But in every end is a new beginning, and in every darkness the promise of a new dawn. So it ever was; so it ever shall be. Until The End.

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  1. Fundamentalist Muslims comprise only a tiny sliver of the world's population, and that sliver is comprised almost entirely of poor, uneducated, disempowered people with no access to advanced weaponry; furthermore, Muslims as a whole comprise only a quarter of the total global population. At worst I could see a limited nuclear war between India and Pakistan; or perhaps a new oil embargo; or maybe a terrorist attack causes a financial panic that destroys our economy -- since neither Pearl Harbor nor 9/11 produced such a calamity, I really doubt another such attack would either.

    The key to a positive future is energy. If we could move away from fossil and CO2-producing fuels within the next few decades, increase the efficiency with which we use energy, and if we could reduce the cost per KwH of that energy, then so many of the wold's problems could be brought under control, such as: global warming (would still need to get rid of the extra CO2 already in the atmosphere, but at least no new CO2 would be produced), drinking water (via desalination), food production (which is energy-intensive), transportation (duh!), and lack of raw materials (for some materials it is actually cheaper to mine or produce it fresh than to recycle, and mostly this is due to energy costs; make energy cheap and there will be a lot more recycling. This would go a long way towards addressing the problem).

    There is still the ``population bomb'' to consider, but the projections I've looked at (put out by the U.N.) show that it will stabilize at around 9 billion within the next century. While that would be too many people for the world to support TODAY, given how energy-inefficient we are, I doubt it would be a problem given the technology of the year 2100.